Getting Started: Herb FAQs

How to include in our diet and other questions we often hear about herbs:

1. How do herbs help us? Why herbs?
Herbs can be considered a health boost. They are like super-foods for our body. They help to adjust the balance of our body faster and more efficiently and offer benefits to strengthen our immune system, prevent and cure diseases and generally offer a lot of vital vitamins, minerals and nutrition.

2. How can we include herbs into our diets?
Herbs can be treated like vegetables or any food. You can cook, make drinks or eat raw. If you have the distilled form of herbs, you can mix with your drinking water and drink daily, or you can mix with your favorite fruit drinks, smoothies or foods.

3. Is the distilled water from herb better than fresh juice?
Each form has different benefits. The fresh kind offers more vitamins and chlorophyll but has shorter shelf life and sometimes may be difficult to prepare, while the distilled kind has faster and more uniform absorption into the body, is more convenient to drink and mix, and offers longer shelf life.

4. Are herbs harmful in any way?
Some herbs come with the recommendation to use only occasionally, however, most herbs are safe for regular consumption in proper amounts, as is with any type of food.

5. What is the best and safest way to drink herbal juice or herbal distilled water?
We recommend to drink a mild concentration throughout the day.

6. Why doesn't Coolinggreen have more herbs available, why these herbs?
There are a lot of great beneficial herbs. At Coolinggreen, we are working our best to bring you what we think are the most essential herbs that offer the most benefits in one. We never stop searching and experimenting with new herb mixes and are looking forward to adding more in the future.

7. Which herb is suitable for which disease?
Different herbs have different specialties. Some herbs are more versatile, like Yanang, which can handle many different diseases. Making it one of our preferred standards.

8. I am healthy, do I need herbs?
Making your body strong, and being proactive against disease and ailments is always good; like eating healthy every day, even if you do not have disease. In addition, many smaller ailments you may not even recognize will having a clear mind and solid sleep!

Any questions you still have that aren’t answered here? Please ask us!

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