Why exercise?

We know that exercise is good, keeps us in shape is healthy but these reasons aren’t always enough to motivate us into a regular routine. Here’s 5 more reasons you can use to stay motivated

1. Regular exercise helps detoxify body: By being sweaty, your body can push out accumulated unhealthy things out. This helps boost up the immune system which helps reduce the chances of having colds, flu and other viruses.
2. Exercise keeps you away from chronic diseases: like diabetes, HBP, high blood cholesterol, heart disease and even cancers. While exercising, you generate blood flow all over your body which brings oxygen to cells. It also strengthens your heart and helps burn accumulated fat and sugar.
3. Exercise makes you happy: Exercise releases endorphin which creates feelings of happiness and euphoria. Exercise also reduces stress and helps you to sleep better
4. Exercise improves your brain function: It keeps your brain stimulated and reproducing new cells, helping to prevent Alzheimer’s and giving you better memory and brain power.
5. Exercise keeps you beautiful and youthful: Seems to be most interesting and popular reasons to exercise, but it is true. Regular exercise helps maintaining good shape and a strong body. When you are happy and healthy, you tend to stay young longer.

Extra tip to help stay motivated: exercise with a friend. It really helps! You both can set goals together, keep each other accountable and motivated and enjoy the rewards together.

Lastly, do push yourself with exercising too hard. It never works if you try too hard. Be balanced but keep moving. You will enjoy the exercise a lot more.

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