5 reasons you should be ‘detoxing’

What is detoxification?
Detoxification is the process of removing toxic elements from our body but we expand the idea to preventing toxins from entering our body as well.

Detox regiments range from simple life and diet changes to more extreme cleansing processes. We like to aim for the more practical applications most of the time. This includes things like limiting toxins we eat (cleaning our vegetables properly from pesticides, cutting back on things like alcohol and processed foods and harmful foods), exercising, and incorporating ‘superfoods’ and herbs into our diets that detoxify/clean and balance the body.

Here’s 5 good reasons you should you be detoxing:
1. Prevent Chronic Disease: Our bodies have functions to detox but they are constantly overloaded. Excess toxins from our environment, habits and food weaken our body, organs and immune system and can lead to serious chronic diseases like hyperthyroidism, liver problems, kidney disease, and cancer.
2. Look younger + anti-aging: detoxing improves skin quality, helps us age slower and live longer.
3. Improve immune system: With a body at full function your immune system is ready to go and you’ll be less vulnerable to illness like colds, flus and infection.
4. Weight loss: toxins affect our body’s ability to burn fat. With many diseases linked directly to weight issues, it’s important to increase metabolism through detoxification.
5. Feel good, feel happier, have more energy: Detoxing helps with your mental health; directly with neurological function and also indirectly through the feelings of a healthy body at full function. With less toxins in your body, you will have more physical, mental and emotional energy.

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