Strong tastes can be a concern for your health

Let’s try to be aware of these tastes. In excess, they can damage your health over the long term:

- Very astringent: causes ureteric/kidney stones

- Very bitter: has a lot of Alkaloids, bad for your heart

- Very sweet: heavy work for your pancreas, causes the damage, and leads to diabetes

- Very spicy: irritates your stomach and intestines. May cause acidy stomach and acne

- Very oily: stimulates lipases which affect your liver

- Very salty: affects your kidneys, may cause high blood pressure and reduces the effectiveness of Insulin

- Very sour: especially sour taste from artificial source like Vinegar, can damages your throat and teeth, cause diarrhea and cold sores. (Note: If it is from natural source such as like lime, tamarind or sour mangoes sour tastes are not as bad for your health).

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