Nutritional labels

Sometimes all the numbers and words on nutritional labels for foods we buy can be a bit intimidating. Most of us might look at calories or fat% but these should not be your main focus. Let’s look at 3 things you should be looking at which can significantly change your health.

1. Before you even look at the nutritional numbers, look at the ingredients. Compare products and buy real foods that aren’t filled with ingredients you don’t know. On a basic level, we definitely want to try to avoid trans fats (partially hydrogenated fat, margarine), added sugars and chemicals like dyes. Often these come with tricky names, so be careful.

2. Be aware of serving size. A lot of the time serving sizes are unrealistic compared to our actual eating habits and they are used to manipulate the nutritional appearance. Ex. Often multiple servings are used to calculate nutrition information for products where we actually consume the whole. Ex. A soda might be 2 servings, in which case you might want to think about doubling the nutritional numbers you see.

3. If we have to pick one number which we think needs the most awareness, it’s sugar intake. Sugar is very harmful to our health in the quantities many of us consume. Many manufacturers offer ‘low fat, low calorie’ foods but instead dump in sugar for flavor. Try to be aware of your intake. The recommended amount per day is 6-9 teaspoons (or 25-38 grams). One can of cola has 39 grams!

Let’s try starting with this to be more aware of the produced foods we consume

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