60 Second Meditation

What most of us crave is peace of mind and so do our bodies. A mind at peace will help bring long term health benefits. Fortunately, we don’t always have to meditate for hours or run away from life and distractions to achieve a centeredness of mind. Here’s a quick method to get you started:

Try short bursts of meditation, starting with 60 seconds. Set a quick timer if you’re new to the practice:
-close your eyes
-quiet your mind
-breathe in deep and slowly then exhale
-listen to yourself breathe and when those pesky thoughts about your day and life surface (and they will) say ‘later’ to them.
-Keep the mind silent for a minute. This may seem longer than you first imagined.

How do you feel? This is a very simple version of meditation that can be cut down to shorter and shorter times, maybe seconds, and you may even learn to do it with your eyes open, while walking down the street, before walking into a conference or taking a call at work. Burst meditation, as we’ll call it, can fit into that busy day of yours.

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