Order your foods to maximize your nutrition

Eating in the right order is an important concern of diet. Even with a proper diet, our bodies may receive it in an unhealthy way. We often eat our meals, drink water throughout and finish off our meals with fruits or sweets; but by eating this way, your body cannot absorb as much nutrition. The trick is to eat cooling and easy–to-digest food first. Here’s how to get the most from your food:

- Firstly, drink cooling herbs, to prepare your stomach. Your body can absorb the small elements and cool liquid easily.

- Secondly, eat cooling fruits, sour first then sweet. Try to avoid very sweet fruits.

- Thirdly, eat your fresh or cooked cooling vegetables or salads

- Then you can eat your main dish/cooked-foods/carbohydrates;
Warmer, heating foods are ok here but do try to reduce fried foods, if you can.

- If it’s a dessert night, warm desserts after a meal are ok but try to avoid cold desserts and a lot of cold drinks immediately after a meal. Our stomachs need warmth to digest the foods we just ate*

Note: If thirsty during the meal, try to drink warmsoup and drink as little water as possible.
*If you have a lot of cold food or drinks after a meal, your stomach will not digest properly and this might cause flatulence or GERD. If you want to drink water, sip a little or wait until about 1-2 hours after meal.

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