Meditation 2: Taking a new perspective

Last time, we simply allocated time to sit quietly, breathe and be with ourselves. Let’s try a more conscious meditation this week (and hopefully regularly after). Let’s see how we feel.

Let’s add perspective:
Training our minds is different than we might imagine. It’s not about stopping thoughts and feelings. A better way to think about meditation is like sitting by a road and watching the cars pass by, where the cars are our thoughts and feelings.

We just need to watch the passing cars and enjoy. Easy, right? But this is never as easy as it sounds. Our minds often try to control the cars, follow them and move them around.

We need to change our relationship with the passing thoughts and feelings. This is how we train our mind to be relaxed and at peace. Learn to watch your thoughts and emotions and just let them pass by.

Will we still get distracted? Of course. But as soon as you notice let go and just go back to watching the cars go by again. Here we naturally find a place of calm.

Let’s try to add a bit of perspective to our deep breathing and quiet time. Breath in and out, and focus on your body and where you are. If your mind drifts, take notice, and let the thoughts go like passing cars and continue to focus on your breathing, your body. Enjoy your place of focused calm.

Meditation tip: Set a specific time for your practice, just as you might make time for your morning coffee or brushing your teeth. Training our mind is a discipline, you really only need 10 minutes a day to start. As we know meditation can have tremendous benefits for our well-being, physically and mentally.

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