Meditation 1

Eating healthy foods and herbs? Ok! Time for mind maintenance.

Try meditating 15 mins each day to see how you feel. Can you give up a half of a TV program or some time browsing the internet? Instead of filling our minds with more distracting information, we can take a brief part of our day to exercise our minds and get things in order. Let’s just try to allocate the time this week to close our eyes and breathe deeply.

Meditation tip:
Pick a specific place or room in your home to meditate, a place that you don’t associate with work, exercise or sleep. It’s easier to keep focus without environments that will draw you elsewhere. Sort out your mind and try to be present and thoughtless.

Did you know?
We know that meditation is good for us but did you also know that meditation also reduces risk of heart disease and stroke? Meditation significantly reduces the risk of mortality, myocardial infarction and stroke in heart disease patients. Researchers have found that those who practiced meditation had a 48% reduction in risk of heart disease (source: Time Magazine, American Heart Association)

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