Hands & Feet Soaking

• Relax hands and feet muscles, relieve tensions/cramps
• Reduce achy and stiff muscles and joint pains in legs and arms
• Relieve inflammation
• Detoxify body
• Stimulate blood circulation

Hands and feet are major gateways to detoxify the body. Our extensions are used for many activities that lead to tension. Regular guasa and soaking can help releasing this tension, as well as bring in extra circulation, while also releasing toxins,

How to do hand-foot soaking
1. Select your herbs that suit you best. If you body is too hot, select cooling herbs. If your body is too cold, select heating herbs. You can also use pure water if you cannot find any herbs. Read more about Cooling-Heating.

2. Use about a handful of selected herb to boil with 1-2 liters of water for about 5 minutes. Prepare soaking bowls and mix the boiled herbal water with room-temperature water until warm (ideally slightly hot)

3. Soak hands and feet in the prepared bowls. Make sure the water level is above your wrists and ankles. Soak for 3 minutes then rest aside the bowl to cool your hands and feet down. Then repeat with soaking for 2 more rounds. Add more hot water if the water begins to get too cool.

Tips: Soaking time should not be too long. If you go over the recommended 3 minutes your body temperature may rise too much and lead to tiredness.

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