Guasa Basics

An effective traditional Chinese detoxification method to drain the toxins out via the skin. It is easy and convenient with no side effects.

Health benefits of guasa
• Body detoxification
• Relieve body aches
• Stimulate blood circulation
• Stimulate metabolism system
• Promote immune system
• Diagnose disease

Tools for Guasa
1. Guasa spoon, or any kind of spoon, coins, scraping board for scraping.
2. Oils, virgin oils, herbal oils or essential oils

How to guasa for health
Guasa should be done after about an hour of shower in a quiet, non-ac, non-windy room

1. Apply oil on the area you will guasa. Begin scraping on the left side of the body starting from the backbone (don't guasa on the bone) from your neck down 10-30 times. Notice your skin will start to show red spots. Scrape until it doesn't turn any redder or redness no longer expands, then move to the right side.
2. Then guasa on the shoulder area, start from the left, inside-out. Continue all back area.
3. You can guasa everywhere of the body from head to toe, focusing more on any uncomfortable spots. Total body guasa helps stimulate blood circulation. Avoid wounded areas.

After guasa, drink a big glass of water (mixed with Yanang would be the best recommendation) and don't take shower for 5-8 hours. You can repeat the steps of guasa after 5-7 days.

Note: If you have skin problems that are prone to infection, allergy or bleeding, you might want to avoid guasa.

Reading the signs of toxins from guasa
Notice the skin color after guasa
- Pink or bright red : the area has no problem, healthy part
- Big red that looks like big rash : toxins have begun to accumulate
- Dark red : signs of long accumulated toxins
- Dark red, bruised-look : A lot of long accumulated toxins
- Purple, black, bruise-like : 80% of this cases often have cancer development
These marks will disappear after 3-5 days. Healthy marks will disappear in a couple hours after guasa.

Note: more advanced guasa readings are possible based on blood flow patterns but for general theory most coloration is directly related to the organs closeby to the guasa surface.

Facial guasa for beauty
Guasa can be used for beauty especially on the face. Facial guasa will help stimulate blood circulation, promote the skin's flexibility and smoothness, as well as slow down wrinkles and sagging skin. Take a look at picture below for guasa patterns for the face:

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