Eat until 80% full, Okinawa's eating style

Hara hachi bu, Okinawa's eating style. To eat until 'you're no longer hungry' not until 'you're full'. We're so used to the eating until you're full plus dessert style.

Facts: It takes about 20 minutes after the food arrives in your stomach for your brain to receive the signal saying that you're full. That means that 20 minutes after you're done eating, you will feel fuller. If you finish your meal at 100% you will feel worse after. The worse thing is that your stomach stretches every time you do this, so you will eat more and more.

What can help us to eat Okinawan?

Eat slowly. When you eat fast, you're likely to be eating more. Try chewing more and slowly. Enjoy the taste more and eat less!
Use small plates. We are used to the habit of finishing up the whole plate. Try using smaller plates to help you to eat less.
Take small bites. Taking small bites can help to trick your mind that you eat more than you actually do.
Eat mindfully. Focus on your food. When you don't feel hungry anymore, stop eating.

It takes about 15-20 meals to reset the muscle memory of the stomach to get used to less food. This eating style not only helps with your weight control, it will also make you healthier and live longer!

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