Let’s grow fresh. 4 great reasons to get planting

We think we should all start growing food on our own, at least in small ways. Here’s why:

Better nutrition and tastier food
Many studies show that organically grown food has more minerals and nutrients. Studies show that produce begins to lose moisture and nutrients as time passes after they are picked. Nothing you buy can beat the health value provided by fresh picked fruits and vegetables. Not only that but we see many chefs use their own fresh grown produce, why? It tastes better too!

Lower your food bills
Growing your own food can save you money. The price of a pack of seeds is not more expensive than a single fruit or vegetable at the store. Pick the leaves and keep the plant or dry the seeds for next year. Many options for growing are easily self-sustaining to add even more value.

Improve your family’s health; keep chemicals out of our diet.
Growing fresh produce gives us control of what we feed our family. When you grow your own food you know what goes into it. We have control over pesticides and chemicals which are known to lead to cancer, diseases, nerve damage and birth defects. We also have control over contaminants that affect foods during manufacturing and transportation.

Community and environment
Using less chemicals, pesticides and gas to travel, we leave a smaller carbon footprint on our earth. Additionally, we can take pride in our creations and food and make the community a more beautiful place

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