Saturday re-balancing

Our inner body needs a little break and cleansing just like how we shower every day. Let's try to clean our body inside-out at least once a week with proper habits. Here’s a very easy balanced diet, detoxification and lifestyle plan to follow from when you wake up until bedtime. Try it once a week!

Wake up early, take some deep breathes of fresh air and start your day with warm water mixed with lemon juice to boost up your Vit C and stimulate your digestive tract.
Stimulate blood flow
Intense exercise isn’t recommended for a detox day. Rather, 'stretch' for 5-10 minutes to warm up your body and stimulate blood flow. Yoga works great here.
Light but filling breakfast is the way to set up your day. Try mixing up your own favorite smoothie with some fresh fruits and nuts.
Fruits, nuts, green tea, and herbal extracts are excellent options throughout the day
Light but fiber-full like cabbage salad with some lean meat like chicken breast is ideal.
When you go home, don't turn on TV just yet. Instead, go relax in the front yard or in a sauna. Achieve total relaxation and calmness in your mind.
Plan for a lean meat like fish with green vegetables; get your protein, fiber and vitamins. Do not eat while watching TV or browsing the internet. Be mindful and present when you're eating. This way will keep you away from overeating.
Before sleep
30 minutes before sleep, try to slow your life down. Move slower, put on slow and calm music, work in some deep breathing and meditation, to prep your mind and body for good sleep.

After practicing at least once per week, your body will thank you and you should start to see changes in your life and energy over time, good luck!

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