Cooling & Heating Proteins

Proteins are found from meats and sometimes in vegetables. It is an essential for the growth of the body being a building block for cell repair and development. Many essential proteins need to be supplied by our food, because out bodies cannot produce, so it is especially important to provide healthy and balanced options for ourselves.

Eating imbalanced protein diets can lead to many serious diseases. One important way to balance is by understanding and controlling our heating-cooling proteins.

Which proteins are which?

Heating proteins :
are mostly high calorie, high processed or animal proteins including.
- Meats, milk, eggs, fish
- Black beans, red kidney beans, and all nuts
Also including vegetables like
- Shiitake mushroom, reishi mushroom, termitomyces mushroom
And preserved, processed foods like
-pickles , salted soya beans, miso, natto, yogurt, tempeh, soy sauce, fish sauce

Cooling proteins :
are mostly of natural sources, low calorie, minimal or unprocessed foods;
- White kidney bean, green bean, soybean, pea, chickpea, Job's tears
- Tofu
- Oyster mushroom, straw mushroom, white mushroom (champion), jelly ear mushroom

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