Cooling & Heating Foods

Food is the source of life. Knowing what food you're eating is important. Eating poorly can have negative consequences and eating right can turn your food to be the medicine to cure, protect and promote health.

An important factor for eating right that we cannot ignore is body temperature balance. Balance brings wellness. Balancing heating-cooling foods can strengthen our immune system, promote overall health, and lower the risk of many diseases like diabetes, thyroid, kidney, high blood pressure and cancer.

Begin with studying which type and kind of food has which effect. At first, you might have to always be conscious about everything, but after awhile, you will catch on some tricks and it should become a natural understanding of which foods are cooling or heating.

Learn more in detail:
-cooling-heating vegetables
-cooling-heating fruits
- cooling-heating proteins
- cooling-heating carbohydrates
Note: all fats are heating!

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