Cooling & Heating Effects and your body

Cooling and heating effects are just like Yin-Yang. Together they have to be balanced in order to have a healthy body. If one is less than the other it causes imbalance in your body which can make your body either too cool or too hot.

What will happen if your body is too hot?
Among the obvious, like high temperatures, your body will show the signs like:
- Thirst
- Fatigue
- Stress, prone to lose emotional control
- Acne and rash
- Profuse sweat
- Feeling hot without sweat, burning sensation on skin
- Breathing difficulties
- Hot feet, hands, breath
- Hiccups

What will happen if your body is too cold?
Short and long term problems include:
- Pale face, lips, hands and feet.
- Head may feel heavy and cloudy
- Feel inactive, slow to move and think
- Coughing (not due bacteria)
- Pain on the right side of the chest
- Flatulence, feeling of indigestion in stomach
- Fungi on skin or nails
- Numbness
- Rheumatoid arthritis

Diseases and longer term problems from an over-heated body include:
- Cancer and tumor formation
- Diabetes
- Gastritis
- Gout
- Heart disease
- Hepatitis
- High blood pressure
- Kidney disease
- Thyrotoxicosis

It's also possible that your body gets too hot and too cold at the same time.
Your body will show these symptoms:
- fever; with a hot feeling body but your hands and feet feel cold.
- fever; with headache and flatulence
- swollen, painful, body, arms; feeling of heat together with numbness.

If you do not know if your body is too cold or too hot, consider it to be too hot first. 80% of people have heated body problems. 15% of people will be too hot and too cold at the same time. 5% will be too cold.

These effects on your body widely come from the food we eat. It is very important to know which foods have which effect in order to be able to balance our bodies. Know that it is not necessarily bad to eat heating foods, for example, it is just important for us to be aware of the effects and try to maintain a balanced diet and intake.

Which foods have which effect?
Cooling & Heating fruits

"Let's be our own doctor" book by Mo-Kiaw

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