What are anti-oxidants?

The word anti-oxidant gets thrown around a lot…sometimes we just think they’re ‘good for us’. Well, they are! But let’s learn a bit more about them:

First of all, we have 'oxidation', a process that occurs in our bodies. Oxidation is similar to what happens to apples when they are cut and become discolored. Cells degrade or even die in the oxidative process.

Anti-oxidants are compounds that combat the process of oxidation by free radicals; they disarm the oxidants before they can cause damage to our cells. Additionally, anti-oxidants repair cells and remove damaged cells. As long as our body has a lot of anti-oxidants around, our cells are allowed to function at their best.

Many researchers believe anti-oxidants hold the key to unlock aging, dementia, maintaining healthy organs and having healthier looking bodies and skin.

It turns out our bodies produce their own anti-oxidants but as we get older we produce less and less of them. We need to supplement our bodies by mixing in brightly colored fruits and vegetables with your diet, whenever you can, to fill your bodies with these cellular protectors.

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