Making natural skin masks

Mix and match different natural elements to achieve the effects you’re looking for. Simply blend into a paste and apply to your face for 15-20 minutes.

What foods, herbs and elements have which benefits?

- Ripe bananas
- Boiled pumpkins
- Aloe Vera
- Ripe mangoes
- Honey
- Cucumber
- Yogurt

- Raw papayas
- Tomatoes
- Guavas
- Boiled carrots
- Pineapples
- Tamarinds
- Strawberries

- Gotu Kola
- Ivy Gourd
- Mangosteen skin
- Kiwi
- Apple
- Turmeric
- Garlic

Oil control:
- Lemon/lime
- Egg white
- Orange juice
- Raw papaya
- Gotu Kola
- Marl
- Bentonite clay

- Various herbs, like Yanang, celery, cilantro, honeysuckle flowers, peppermint
- Seaweed
- Charcoal powder

Our favorite recipe:
1. Raw papaya - exfoliates, brightens the skin, reduces acne and oily skin, tightens pores and smoothens the skin.
2. Ripe banana - natural moisturizer, full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C
3. Boiled carrot - full of Beta-carotene and iron which helps tone and clarify the skin. Retinol helps stimulate the generation of elastin and collagen.
4. Yanang Balance extract - detoxifies the skin, reduces bacteria which causes acne.

- Wipe your face with warm water to open up your pores to get your skin ready.
- For those of you with any CoolingGreen Yanang Products; after you mask your face, try spraying a cold Yanang Balance extract to tighten up your pores and ensure moisture lock.

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