5 core habits of natural health

We can take from the best of natural medicine and break it down into 5 simple categories or habits to maintain :

1. Diet
Food is a core medicine. Focusing on the way we eat changes our health situation significantly. Chronic diseases are largely caused by bad eating habits. Studying about cooling-heating foods, types of tastes and balancing our intake is very important.

2. Herbs
Part of our diet is focused on the great plants of nature. Herbs can give us an amazing boost in addition to an ordinary diet. They can help balance our bodies further and re-vitalize, through anti-oxidants, detoxification, cooling-effects other great benefits. See our herb section to study about the fun and unique herbs that are available to us.

3. Exercise
Exercise is vital. We need to get our heartbeats up, sweat out, and train our muscles. Exercise helps us to detoxify and get our bodies in order, growing and flowing.

4. Detoxification
We cannot control all of the things that enter our bodies, from pollution or bad food for example, or even prevent our bodies from developing toxins on their own. We focus on body maintenance through detoxification exercises like herbal soaking/sauna, colon detoxing or guasa.

5. Meditation
What is a healthy body without a healthy mind? It’s not a healthy body at all. Many mental stresses can actually be very harmful to your physical health. We should have a few moments a day to also bring our minds in balance.

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