How do diseases develop?
Diseases, especially chronic, like high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperthyroid, and cancer are caused by accumulated toxins in the body. Toxins can come from a lot of sources such as our eating habits, air pollution or environment, chemical toxins, a lack of sleep or stress. Toxins can develop from both external and internal sources of our body. In modern environments we have an increasing exposure to negative elements for our body and we accumulate toxins much faster. We need to be especially cautious of our habits and keep our bodies balanced.

Once we have diseases, what do we do to make them go away?
You must cure from the root of the problems. Through proper practice many of us still have the opportunity to get rid of developed diseases and prevent them from coming back. Look into particular diseases, understand why they develop and what practices will help to cure.

Proactively focusing on practice, before diseases occur or while they develop is very important, however; allow your body to heal even without apparent symptoms.

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