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CoolingGreen is our family's project for healthy living and community. We want to share the knowledge that we have gathered about health and natural medicines, information and products that have changed our lives and those we have shared with. We want to pass on the stories of change and be a resource of accessible and affordable products for everyone, so they can help themselves as we have.

Our goal is always to continue to learn, grow and refine, our products and understanding of a natural lifestyle.

Below is a short interview with Anothai Choosuwan a practicioner of natural health, about how he laid the groundwork for CoolingGreen and about how he started his journey into natural medicine:

What was the reason for you to be interested in taking care of your health seriously?

I was sick. I had a hypercholesterolemia disease. I had seen the doctor, taken medicine for 5 years but did not get better. I did whatever the doctor told me to do. I controlled the food; exercised until I was a half marathon runner, yet the cholesterol did not go down. Worse than that was when the fat accreted in my stomach and I had to remove a 7 centimeter mass of growth. Later it also developed within my eyelid. I was really afraid of becoming blind and knew that I had to find something else to cure it.

Luckily, during this time I was able to attend a health camp at Mookdahan province, Thailand, where I learned how to cure myself by alternative medicine from the teacher Mo-Keaw. After only 2 months of practice, my cholesterol went back to normal, miraculously. I was sure that this method of health, through taking proper care of oneself and using herbs, was good way of health practice.

When did you start thinking about telling people about this alternative medicine?

First, I tried with my family and close people. My wife attended the camp with me so we practiced together seriously. We adjusted our food, exercised and made our fresh Yanang juice to drink every day. This method worked wonders on my wife as well as my family. She felt better, looked better and rarely got sick. Her blood pressure became normal. I also told my friends at work about this and all of them that practiced could clearly see the differences in their health.

What are your successful cases, or the ones you are most proud of, since you started recommending this method to people?

I felt most proud when I was able to cure the GERD that my father had suffered from for years, in only 5 days. Another case was with my sister-in-law. She practiced for 2 weeks and her first stage cancer was gone.

Why did you decide to produce these health products?

I drank fresh Yanang juice for 2 years and it worked very well for my body, so I recommended this to other people, but it was difficult for them to find fresh Yanang leaves and when they could the juice could only be kept for 3-5 days. People didn’t have the time. I wondered, how could I help them? So I discovered the distillation method. This Yanang extract can be kept up to 1 year and much easier to drink.

How did you start at first?

I started making with the help of my family members. I adapted all pots and pans or anything I found in my kitchen to produce. After a while of testing, I gave to all the close people, who were drinking fresh yanang juice, to try this new drink. It took us quite a bit of time to find the best blend, where it was not too bitter and had a nice smell. They liked it a lot, so we started to produce in small quantities. Then more and more people became interested and more orders came. We began to create other natural products and until now, we are still producing in our family and continue to make it a homemade process. My wife takes care of the herbs, my mother-in-law helps watching the distilling process. While we are off to work, my daughters will fill in the bottles and put labels on and most of the time we deliver ourselves. Now we are planning to have people in local area to help produce some products so they have extra income.

Quality is our priority and we are very concerned about this. Everything we use is organic, homemade and handmade. We sell cheap because my goal is to help people and give everyone access.

Lastly, do you want to say anything to those who might be interested?

Do not believe what I say. You have to prove it yourself. There are many ways to take care of yourself. Try to study and practice and you will see the difference. "The best doctor is ourselves."

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